Classical Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a Buddhist therapeutic technique which dates back 2500 years. The roots of the Thai massage are believed to be firtsly practised by Jivaka Komarabhacca, a personal physician and healer who had tight connections with the Buddha. People in ancient times believed that absence of illnesses and diseases was a blessing.

What is a Traditional Thai Massage?

What does the word "massage mean" in the Thai point of view? It is definetely not the same word as it means in the western culture. It is more a healing art. The Thai massage focuses on circulation of vital energy in major pathways in human body which are called sen. Major energy lines are manipulated and important acupressure points which lie along these pathways are stimulated to help break down any blockages.

How does Classical Thai massage work?

The energy flow is stimulated and balance and harmony are restored. Neither oils nor lotions are used when the traditional Thai massage is performed. The recipient remains clothed during the whole treatment procedure. What is important is the constant body contact between the therapist and the client. Rather than rubbing the muscles, the body is being compressed, pulled, stretched and even rocked - with one goal - to clear energy blockages and relive any possible tension.

Effects of Classical Thai Massage:

  • deep relaxation
  • rejuvenation
  • physical and mental well-being
  • mind and body healing experience
  • support of blood circulation
  • balance of your body and your soul
  • relief from muscle, joint and bone aches
  • detoxification
  • illness preventon
  • complex harmonization of your body

Try the Classical Thai massage in Thai Paradise!

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