Aromatic Massage for couples

Aromatic Massage for couples + sparkling wine + fruit

We have a unique offer - aromatic oil massage for couples in love of total length of 60 minutes, a glass of sparkling wine and a bowl of fresh fruit - that has been prepared for you by the staff of Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise).

Aromatic oil massage

The aromatic oil massage for couples includes: 60 minutes of relaxing oil massage. After the procedure of massage, the couple can enjoy themselves in the armchairs with a nice glass of sparkling wine and the selection of fresh fruit served in a bowl. Thai massage Prague - Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) is looking forward to your visit.

The couple massage is only performed in Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) in Celetná ulice.

Choose the oil which you like for your aromatic oil massage

In Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) you can choose from variety of oils of different aromas - for instance relaxing lavender, lemon, eukalyptus, grapefruit, tangerine, ginger, mint, lemongrass or virgin oils (coconut), and many others.

Prize: 2399 CZK

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