Relaxing oil massage

Relaxing oil massage contains items of classical Thai massage as well as items of Indian Ajurveda, on of the oldest healing methods in the world. In contrast with classical Thai massage, smaller pressure is used in individual points in combination with special massage oils. Relaxing oil Thai massage blesses the soul as well as exhausted muscles.

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The procedure of relaxing oil massage

Relaxing Thail oil massage is performed on a massage table. At first, your arms and legs, including fingers and toes are being systematically massaged. Then the procedure goes from the top of your head accross your nape, spine and muscles of your back which relieve completely.

The relaxing oil massage is performed until the whole body is relaxed.

The difference between classical Thai massage and relaxing oil massage

When the relaxing oil massage is performed, you are completely nude, the only thing you are wearing is a towel. There is also a difference in the technique used - Thai massage is not performed on dry basis, special oils are used. One can choose from a wide variety of different oils. Special aromatic ones can be used (eg. green tea, jasmine, cinnamon, ylang ylang, lemon grass, lavender or eukalyptus) or virgin oils (hemp or coconut).

Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) offers you the choice of several types of relaxing oil massage:

  • Slimming oil Thai massage

Performed in the problematic parts - belly, borrom, upper and lower limbs. Unique hand massage which uses Anti Cellulite oil. The fat reserves are relieved and the skin is being detoxicated. Oil massage helps to smooth your skin.

  • Aromatherapy - oil aroma massage

This kind of aromatherapy, Thai massage using aromatic oils with extracts from lavender, rosewood, eukalyptus and mint is connected with inhalation of aromatic oils with essence from red orange, santal wood and jasmine, aromalamps are being used as well. This kind of Thai massage is aimed at relaxing and reaching the status of harmony of body and soul.

  • Peeling oil massage

Peeling oil massage activetes the microcirculation of subcutaneous system and detoxicates your skin. It also cleans the pores and gets rid of dead skin cells and the skin therefore gets back its vitality and young look. This kind of Thai massage leaves your skin smooth and delicate, its breathing is also supported. Your mind is being cleared because negative energy is taken away.

  • Slimming peeling Thai massage

They qalso use Anti Cellulite peeling. This kind of Thai massage encourages breathing of the skin and effectively fight the cellulite. Its cleans the pores, detoxicates skin and gets rid of dead skin cells. It leaves the skin smooth and delicate. The peeling is 100% natural, it contains Dead Sea salt and has aroma-therapeutiacal qualities.

Efects of relaxing oil massage:

  • complex relaxation of your organism
  • improves blood circulation
  • fight headaches
  • Thai massage releives stiff muscles
  • gets rid of joint problems
  • gets rid of backaches and nape pain
  • ensures good psychical condition, reduces stress
  • gives new energy to exhausted mind
  • strenghtens immunity
  • delicates complexion
  • helps intestine regulation
  • reduces swelling

Additional information to relaxing Thai oil massage

Relaxing oil Thai massage usually takes from 90 to 120 minutes. You can also choose shorter rime of 60 minutes. This kind of massage should not be performed on pregnant women and people suffering from varixes. Otherwise it is suitable for anyone.

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