Thai Massage of Back and Nape

Thai massage releases tension of upper part of your back, shoulders and nape, which is often connected with sedentary kinds of job. This kind of Thai massage has its origin in classical Thai massage.

Procedure of Thai Massage of back and Nape

This kind of Thai massage also combines a pressure technics of traditional thai massage with oil based massage style. This treatment is intended especially for office proffesions, bringing them a maximum relief from stress and flurry. Back and neck office massage includes whole body, but a special attention is paid to typically problematic parts, i.e. back and neck, loins, surroundings of sacral bone, saddle area, muscles and sinews of forearm, head and fatigued eyes.

Effects of Thai Massage of Back and Nape:

  • to avoid chronical backaches
  • works against stress, migrains and hedaches
  • relieves stiff muscles
  • complex relaxation and relief of whole organism

The Length of Thai Massage of Back and Nape

This kind of Thai massage needs at least a 30-minute procedure but you can as well have a 1-hour procedure.

Visit Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) in Prague

Make an appointment in our professional salon specialized in Thai Massage Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) in Prague. Skillend hands of our trained therapists will bring you relief from stress and pain.Try our unique Thai massage of your back and nape.

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